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Sitges Lettings

We specialise in Short & Long Term Winter Lettings in Sitges :

Sitges offers a wide range of letting options. From:

  • AirBNB & (letting portals)
  • Short Term Summer Lets
  • Winter Lets
    With a specific short time frame typically Sept to May
  • Long Term lets
    Which allow for a tenant to stay for 3 years and normally a minimum of 6 or 12 months

Contracts must clearly state the type of letting, especially if not long term and landlords may need a tourism licence and other documentation. Especially if a holiday let.

Once should avoid landlords that attempt to manipulate a contract terminology for their flexibility and benefit. Something that can be seen often.

Claiming a let is a second home for the tenant or setting an 11 month period that they mistakenly believe avoids it being long term. As such owners or letting agents, tend to display dishonesty throughout the tenancy.

Agents may also hide the demand for a months money to go to them!
Right up to your move in date, as you will be more committed!
(Finquas Plasal did it to one of our team)

sitges websites list : Gay Map Sitges